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Managed WordPress Services:

The Magic Touch You Need

Welcome to Wizz Websites, the wizarding hub where creativity and innovation take center stage. Our managed WordPress services are here to lift the spell of website hassles from your shoulders, allowing you to focus on the enchanting elements of your business. Step into our realm and let’s discover the magic of effortless website management.

What's the Magic, You Ask?

With our managed WordPress services, we’re not just building you a site; we’re setting up a powerful magic circle that keeps your web presence thriving and secure. Whether you’re a small business wizard looking to conjure up a robust web presence, or a grand sorcerer aiming to master the digital realm, we have the perfect potion for you

Our Enchanting Offerings

Our three mystical tiers are designed to provide optimal solutions for various business sizes and needs. Each tier offers a unique blend of managed services, security, backups, and support, all on powerful hosting environments suitable for their respective levels.

From taking care of routine updates, backups, and security measures, to providing 24/7 support, we’re here to ensure your website runs as smoothly as a well-cast charm. So, let go of the tech troubles and let us handle the wizardry behind your captivating website.

Choose Wizz Websites and immerse yourself in the magic of hassle-free WordPress management!

Spell One:

Apprentice Spell

Ideal for small websites (1-3 pages) that require a basic yet robust online presence. Our Apprentice Spell service ensures your website’s secure and smooth operation, letting you focus on your business magic

A close-up of a laptop keyboard witha wizard on the screen casting a web design spell

Why it's Wizardry:

Perfect for small business wizards looking to carve out their magical niche online without sweating the tech details

Charms included:

investment: £180 pa
Onboarding: £199

Spell TWO

Sorcerer Charm

Perfect for medium-sized websites (4-7 pages) ready to cast a bigger spell in the digital realm. The Sorcerer Charm package provides the power to handle growing website demands


Why it's Wizardry:

An ideal choice for growing wizards who want to focus on their craft while we handle the web wizardry

Charms included:

investment: £360 pa
Onboarding: £199

Spell Three

Grand Magus Ritual

A premium choice for larger websites (7+ pages), the Grand Magus Ritual ensures top-tier performance and support for those aiming for the highest level of magical web mastery.


Why it's Wizardry:

The supreme choice for grand wizards aiming to conjure an extensive and powerful online presence

Charms included:

investment: £995 pa
Onboarding: £199

The Wizz Websites Wand Wave

Unleash the Magic of Managed Services: Time, Peace of Mind, and a Partnership for Growth

Let us cast our spell of expertise over your website and reap the benefits of a fully managed WordPress service. As seasoned sorcerers in the digital realm, we know the incantations and spells that make a website truly enchanting.

The magic of managed WordPress services lies in the freedom it offers. By entrusting the technical wizardry to us, you gain time—time that can be better spent brewing up business strategies, concocting new ideas, or simply connecting with your audience. No need to fret over updates or worry about security. That’s our job, and we relish it.

More than just time, you gain peace of mind. Our support team is a flock of dedicated, knowledgeable house elves, ready to assist 24/7. We ensure your site stays updated, secure, and always up and running. The tech troubles that usually plague website owners? Not in our kingdom. We’ve got the magic to ward them off!

Moreover, with our managed WordPress services, you’re not just getting a website; you’re getting a partner. We’re here for the long haul, ready to grow and adapt with you. As your business evolves, so can your website. That’s the beauty of our scalable service.

So, why choose Wizz Websites’ Managed WordPress services? Because we’re more than just web developers; we’re digital wizards who delight in weaving spells of success for our clients. With our wands at the ready, we’ll ensure your website not just exists but thrives in the digital world. So, step into our magical realm, and let’s create some web wizardry together!

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